We manufacture many different styles of positive displacement vane and gear pumps. Our products support OEM’s in a variety of industries. PROCON is considered the standard for performance and value in the markets we serve.
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Our newest compact gear can be used for all applications including the water and milk side of coffee espresso machines. Don't settle for acceptable when you can have exceptional.
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PROCON manufactures products used in all facets of the beverage industry, from water boosters, carbonation generation, cold carbonation circulation, beverage chilling, and ice chillers, to syrup dosing and other viscous fluid delivery.
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Used to culminate the perfect combination of flow, heat, and pressure, our products provide the optimal espresso shots and milk foam, resulting in consistent barista results without the need of an artisan.
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PROCON pump and motor combinations can be found in numerous medical devices, keeping MRI, CT Scanners and X-Ray machines cool through liquid circulation, and supplying water circulation for dialysis machines.
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PROCON Products are used in a variety of industrial applications, from heat management, liquid dispensing, and precision dosing, to circulation cooling of welding, CNC and plasma cutting equipment.
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PROCON pumps can be found in Reverse Osmosis, Water Filtration and Desalinization systems from large industrial plants and commercial dispensers to small in-home countertop systems.
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PROCON electronically controlled gear pumps offer dosing for the paint and ink industry, delivering consistency and precision dosing.
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PROCON services an array of applications from agricultural pesticides and aeration to car wash soap, silicon chip production, dry cleaning equipment, thermal systems construction, solar panel circulation, and other renewable energies.
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PROCON Products provides a global network, serving customers in over 80 countries. With more than 40 certified Distributors who serve the needs of these customers locally, they can offer our well-established and recognized brand wherever you may be.
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About Procon

PROCON is the world leader in custom, fluid solutions. We support OEM’s in a variety of industries through the manufacture of many different styles of positive displacement pumps, motors and pump/motor combinations.
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