Brass External Bypass Valve- BPV011035FBD

Model #: BPV011035FBD
External Bypass Valve Brass, EPDM, Standard-Non External adjust Relief Valve


Typical Lead Time: 20 Days
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  • Regulates system pressure by diverting a portion of the flow
  • Valve can be set between 30 to 59psi (2 to 4 BAR)
  • Compact size with a life of High performance and reliability
  • Technical Information
    Material Brass
    Port Hole NPT 3/8"
    Maximum Operating Flowrate 265GPH (800LPH)
    Elastomer EPDM
    Valve Type Solid- Ultem
    ValveConfiguration Standard-Non External adjust
    Product Weight 0.51lb (0.23Kg)
    Operating Range
    Max Operating Pressure 30psi
    Relief Valve Set Pressure Range 30 to 59psi (2 to 4 BAR)
    Max Static Pressure PSI 250psi
    Min Operation Fliud Temperature -40°F
    Max Operation Fluid Temperature 294°F
    Max Discharge Pressure 250psi
    Fluid Acidity 6pH
    Motor Performance