High pressure Micro Gear Pump/Motor Assembly- 51X1BCT2GXX

Model #: 51X1BCT2GXX
Stainless Steel Pump/Motor Assembly, 35GPHEPDM- with DC Brushed Motor, 24V

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  • Self-priming (water) and maintenance-free with low vibration and pulsation characteristics
  • Innovative mechanical seal design requires less sanitation
  • Stainless Steel Housing Material
  • G 1/8" Inlet and Outlet Connections
  • Constructed with EPDM Elastomers
  • Flowrate of 35GPH (130LPH)*
  • Maximum (continuous duty) operating pressure 145psi (10BAR)¹
  • Fluid Operating Temperature of between -4°F to 180°F (-20°C to 82°C)
  • Special Non-Standard Counter clockwise rotation
  • 24VDC Brushed Motor, 0.05hp (40W)

  • * Flowrate may vary with Viscosity. Flowrate basted on pumps tested with water at room temperature at 14.5psi (1BAR)
    Technical Information
    Agency Approvals NSF STD. 169 Listed
    Material Stainless Steel
    Port Hole G 1/8"
    Flowrate (GPH) 35GPH
    Flowrate (LPH) 130LPH
    Elastomer EPDM
    Seal Type Balances Silicon Carbide/Hard Carbon
    Rotation Counter Clockwise
    Internal Component Material Carbon Fiber PEEK
    Product Weight 2.14lb (0.97Kg)
    Operating Range
    Maximum Operating Pressure 145psi
    Max Static Pressure PSI 130psi
    Min Operation Fliud Temperature -4°F
    Max Operation Fluid Temperature 180°F
    Max Fluid Viscocity 20000cP
    Max Sound Level 60dB(a)
    Max Discharge Pressure 250psi
    MinSpeed 500RPM
    Max Speed 4000RPM
    Dry Suction Lift 3.3ft
    Wet Suction Lift 6.6ft
    Fluid Acidity 2pH
    Motor Performance
    Motor Design IMB3
    Motor Power 2 0.05
    Motor Voltage 24V
    Voltage 2 0.05
    Motor Power 40W
    Motor Speed 1 3400RPM
    Motor Current 3A
    Protection IP20
    Motor Insulation F
    Motor Type Brushed
    AC/DC DC
    Cooling Type No Cooling